Toughest Time Now due to Coronavirus, read way out


Dear Nigerians ,

There is probability of tough one to two months ahead for Nigeria and Nigerians. The rest of the world are not left out.

China is shut down, Europe is shutting down, US is shutting her borders before shutting down and others. Africa is safe but without selling our crude oil we are economically enslaved.

Simple advices are

1) keep faith, don’t rush to spend

2) dont go into any investments now

3) let this CoronaVirus plague pass.

4) Naira is 420 to a $ today, it may probably sink further.

5) crude price has collapsed because our buyers are in quarantine.

6) Government may not be able to pay for its financial obligations

7) delay in salary may be inevitable

8) government officials will be hard on citizens in order to realize money

9) solution is spend less and make plans for tomorrow

I pray God ease our affairs and never put us into a trial we can not bear. Amin

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