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Xenophobia is lineamentum and qualitas of black people. The major feature or attribute of black race is failure. I wonder why Black people can not rule themselves? do we lack the brain and mental capacity to govern a society? Why the black people hate themselves? “Give them guns, they would kill themselves; Give them power, they will steal all the government money; Give them independence, they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnicity, bigotry, hatred, killings and wars!”Tell me of any black society today where they love each other? Xenophobia in South Africa is a reflection of how weak the black man brain have become! They hate themselves, they are jealous of each other, they kill each other with reckless abandon, they can’t think beyond tribal considerations, blacks don’t know why Africa was even divided by the Europeans! Xenophobia tells you, how black brain is negatively constructed! Indians are not killing themselves, no matter where they come from; Chinese don’t kill each other, no matter what they do together;The Asians don’t kill each other…….but black Africans derive joy in hatred, war, stealing, looting, jealousy, ethnicity and killing of each other! South African white, Indian, Asian and Chinese community, are looking at black people as animals who can not live together in peace and harmony but to kill themselves! Anytime you hear Black South Africans talk about xenophobia, reflect your mind to see why africa continent is not developing.

man-killed-during xenophobia attack in south africa

“Blacks can never be able to organize themselves without killing each other! no innovation in the continent. we are users not manufacturers.
Xenophobia is a crime against humanity. What a shame on Black Race!!!!

Sodiq Ayobami


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