Indecency in the Young generation

Education Leadership


This Saturday evening, I went to a chemist to buy some drugs. There were lots of people there. The shop had some chairs for customers to sit while waiting to be attended to.

When I came in, the man on one of the two seats was through and he left. I took the seat. A young girl like 15,16, was on the other seat, also waiting to be attended to.

In a few seconds, an old mama, looking 60ish, well dressed and looking educated came in. Her mien was that of a sick woman, exhausted and needing help. I noticed she was looking at the girl on the second seat with an expectation to do the needful… but i was faster in giving up my seat. She sat down, blessing me with prayers in her gratitude. It felt good. I noticed the girl pretended not to care. I was enraged with anger. I also noticed some askance on the face of the shop owner. It was clear to us all that girl was not sick but just not ready to give up her seat.

In a few minutes, an old man walked in. All his hair was grey. Only an idiot (I hate using this word in public space) would not honour such a ‘dad’. He was looking here and there for something to hold or where to sit. The girl was still there pretending not to see the ‘dad’. The shop owner motioned her to stand up but she just looked away… “I am also tired now…’ I heard her soliloquise… Trust me. I wont keep quiet fa!

“STAND UP… YOU IDIOT!” My sudden outburst brought the chemist to a halt. “This Daddy is old enough to be your grandfather, you this untrained fool! You saw this mama walk in, you pretended not to care until I gave up my seat for her. You again saw this grandpa enter and you looked away. Who are your parents, you this fool. GIVE UP THAT SEAT NOW BEFORE I MAKE YOU DO IT” I shouted. She quickly stood up and walked to a side in the chemist…

The mama cut in saying, among other things, the girl can’t be as old as her last child, who is even married. The grandpa too said his. More people in the shop began to have a field day. The shop owner too.. thanking me for intervening. He said if I had kept quiet, this girl would not stand up for the aged. He further lamented the degradation of values and respect in our society.

I had to school all of them that the steady downward spiral of morality and values in our society is well assisted and accelerated by the silence of the elders who witness it live. If we all say ‘wetin concern me’, keeping quiet while immorality transpires, we would be at the receiving end of the brunt.

We keep blasting this new generation as docile and careless but we are the principal promoters of their indecency. How many of you parents ever schooled your children to give up their seats for the sick, pregnant and aged in public places? How many of you train your children to greet elders wherever they see them, knowing fully well that in Africa, greeting is part of our culture of respect?

We parents stand guilty if our parenting skill is defective, leading us to discharging unbaked or at best, half-baked loonies into the society, projecting culturally and spiritually defective children into the next century. I speak to you my friends, don’t ever keep quiet wherever you see these untrained children casting aspersions on our values. The best condition for evil to thrive is when good men & women keep quiet!

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