Religious Killing Africans


Before the colonization in Africa, our culture and moral are deep and honest. Trusted leaders were excellent.

In real sense, they came and build mosques and churches for free; build free education for the masses for embrace their ideologies but how we have transformed on the base of these religious turn the Africa to hell and make them the poorest.

China is currently the world’s leading economic power. In China, there is almost Zero Church or mosque presence. Prosperity and gospel preachers are useless in China.

Finland has the most stable economy in the world today. There are less than twenty churches in Finland. Sow-to-prosper doesn’t work in Finland.

Switzerland has the second most stable economy in the world.
Switzerland has fewer than thirty churches. Miracle money is not welcome in Switzerland.

Denmark is the third most stable economy in the world, there are about 23 churches in Denmark. Denmark doesn’t pray for it’s economic stability.

These countries are considered to have the highest number of atheists, but they are prosperous!

Let’s go to #Africa…

There are more than 10,000 churches per region including 4,000 churches in the city of Yaoundé alone! Yet poverty is driving Cameroonians to even other poor countries.

About 4100 churches in only the city of Abidjan!

7000 churches in only the city of Kinshasa!

10,000 churches in only the city of Lagos in Nigeria! Lagos is just one state out of 36 states that make up Nigeria. Yet Nigerians are leading the world in corruption and crimes.

In Africa, we have more churches than schools and hospitals combined!

More pastors and Alfas than doctors.

Everyone is born again yet crimes are on the increase.

Everyone is covered with the blood of Jesus yet accidents happen on our bad roads.

Everyone is filled with the Holy Spirit yet our morals are depreciating in geometric progression.

Africa’s religiosity does not reflect on the morals that is hoped for in a society.

We are among the laziest, the most deceiving, the most corrupt, the most hypocritical, the most hateful on the planet today, with all our Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

Our people need to distinguish between religion and stupidity or between spirituality and brainwashing!

Meditate on this.”

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