Why Nigeria do not need prayer

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Any plants or food planted on Nigeria soil germinate without fertilizer. I place a yam in my wardrobe, it germinate without even planting it.
Rain fall at the right time.
Sun never fail to set on daily basis.
We enjoy best weather in Nigeria. I observed when sunny at same time sometimes it will still be raining what a double mercy from God Almighty.
We have abundant resources: crude oil, Gold, minerals, we are the second largest deposit of butmen use in Road construction but we had most bad road in the World. Despite volume of crude oil from our soil, Nigerians pay high cost to get this refined.
Looking around the world Nigerians are one of the most best human resources needed.
With all this resources, nigeria warehouse the poorest.
Nigerians pastors preach gospel in Europe and around the world with Biggest church with highest congregation. In Arab world, Nigerians are very sound and leading Arab in prayers.
Tell me what we need from God that Almighty didn’t gave us in Nigeria? Prayer for rain or prosperity of our land? What do we need? Where do we go wrong?
Millions pray daily but we remain the same why? Prayer is not the wayout as Nigeria has been Blessed by Almighty God. God is good to us in all ramifications. Good weather, good soil for farming, minerals resources and many more.
Whenever I speak against incompetence government, I crying for my country as no single Nigerians deserve to be Poor.
Whenever I think of wayout, I am helpless as the system is difficult to handle by our incompetent leaders.
My problem is I got the wayout but haven’t get to the right place to implement but I belief one day by God’s grace I will.

6 months is enough to make Nigeria an heaven.
God replace our leaders, we are tire of blaming. We need competent-committed leaders.
God bless my country

sodiq Ayobami

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