Why I am Against Buhari Government, Masses point of view


Why Am Against Buhari
I ask my Boss at office why he keep supporting Buhari, he said ‘Buhari is honest’ but my concerns is, in the past three years ‘how has this honesty and integrity transform our economy? What impact so far in our security challenge? Masses are telling negative stories.
Why are we not honest to each other? How does the policy and governance of Buhari impact the life of masses if not Hardship. Same salary since 3years ago with skyrocket at over 100% price of commodities. Dollar was 155 to naira but instead of strengthen the naira otherwise is the case, now is 360 to naira. Is this going forward or backward? Does he promised to devalued or one dollar to one naira? Where is your conscience Buhari. Buhari promised that, there will be policy to Strengthen our health system by prohibit going abroad for medical during his campaign but he himself Buhari spend highest period going abroad for treatment. Petrol will be 45 per litter but Buhari is not man of his words, rather Buhari increase from 87 to 145 naira. 2011 Buhari said subsidy is a scam but despite the increment the landing cost is 205 and remember there is fall in crude price, the same Buhari have change the name from subsidy to another name. A total sum of 1.2 trillions was spent for subsidy in 2017, Buhari ” where is your conscience? Buhari promised 2015 to Rebuild and ensure uptima-performance of our refineries but we are still import the item why? Buhari promised to fight corruption but otherwise is the case with ‘Ganduje, Babachir, Oke and others are yet to be charge to court of law for corruption why? The most disheartening is killing our soldiers, our fellow northerners without proper fight against insecurity. Our farmers in the north are no more safe, they are the one feeding the nation with beans, go and check the price of beans against rice. Nigeria System of government need a total Overhauling, Fresh Mind, fresh ideas, innovative, solution-driving leaders.
#Sodiq Ayobami

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