How I was caught with Another woman in an Hotel


Whe she called my mobile phone, I was really excited because I have not seen her in a long time. In a few minutes, I was already in the hotel premises. Betty was waiting for me at the main Lounge. We hugged and exchanged pleasantries. She held my hands and dragged me to her room. As we stepped out of the elevator, I noticed that a woman came out of her room…looked at us funny ….managed a smile and greeted us casually. For a minute, I knew Her face was really familiar but I couldn’t place exactly where. Betty and I greeted her and we moved on. But I noticed that this strange woman didn’t leave the lobby until we entered a room.
After spending some time with Betty, I had to leave and she offered to walk me to the lounge.
As we got back to the main lounge, I noticed someone waving at us from a distance, it was the same woman, I saw earlier. Immediately, I remembered her…she was a former colleague of my wife at work. I waved back….then I bade Betty goodbye and I exited the hotel.
On getting home that evening, my wife welcomed me with a French kiss.
(Haa!! It’s good to be married)
Welcome home honey….Guess what?
I said “What! ….Are you pregnant?”
She shouted…”Noooooooooo….Never!” (I laughed, cos I love pulling her legs).
“Someone just sent me a picture of you and a lady in Legacy Hotel…you both entered room no 314″
I was stunned..”WHAAAAAAT!!!!” You mean that your former colleague is such a nosy woman and a busybody???”
She laughed… “Well, free information travels very fast these day”
I added…”especially vicious, malicious, evil and defamatory Information!!!”
“Anyways, how was Betty and her family, hope she was not annoyed that I couldn’t make it”
“No! she perfectly understands your busy schedule. We had a great time of fellowship…I spent quality time with them in their suite, playing and praying with her husband and her children.”

That night, as I was waiting for my wife to help me with my Late night #pushups….lolss, I reflected on all that happened that day…Hmmmm…

What if my wife didn’t know Betty personally?
What if my wife was not pre-informed or fully updated about the meeting?

A busybody, who didn’t have a complete picture of what was really happening, would have scattered our home or sowed a seed of discord into our marriage.

If people can just learn to mind their business, many homes or marriage union will preserved and not dissolved.

I wish to appeal to all couples…. #Communication is KEY! …Close the communication gap! Please update yourselves regularly and carry each other along….its so important!

Welcome to marital Bliss…Marriage wa ko ni baje! (Your marriage will not be destroyed).

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