Nigeria lost $30 billions investment to South Africa

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It is quite unfortunate for this nation as we lost $30 billions invest to South Africa by Giant America company ‘Microsoft Corporation’. The Cloud Data center will have boast our economy with total employee of 10,000 Nigerians.
The country is not conducive for the investment due t
o lack of infrastructure and electricity, security, double tax, and etc.
Muhammodu Buhari and Osibajo are trying their best but to be honest, any Nigerian defending this government love sufferness, they must be accustomed to sufferness.
Do we need century to move the country forward?
It is understatement that Nigeria is in precarious condition.
Our togetherness supposed move the country faster. God bless us with resources, why are we suffering? Leadership? Can’t we remove them?
Why Nigeria governance is for only one family? Country of over 170 millions people. The same bad and devil’s Leaders are ruling the country since Independent.
God bless my country Nigeria.

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