15 HABITS A Wife can do to MESS UP HER Marriage

Marriage Relationship

1) DARING YOUR HUSBAND TO BEAT YOU: You block the door way, and then dare him to beat you up and see what will happen. A Lot of women have done this and end up regretting.
2) DARING YOUR HUSBAND TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER WOMAN: You will be making a major mistake if you dare your husband to sleep with another woman. You may live to regret it.
3) NEGLECTING YOUR BODY AND LOOKS BECAUSE YOU ARE MARRIED: “I am married i can relax, after all who is looking at me.?” He married you Slim, sexy and trendy. Next thing you become obsessed, dirty and shabbily dressed.
It is the mistake of most careless married women.
4) DENYING YOUR HUSBAND SEX REGULARLY: You are a career woman; You are an overly religious woman… Hmmm! You feel sex in marriage is secondary, you deny your husband your body regularly, so he is sexually starved and intimacy famished. His Secretary, colleagues and girls in church are seducing and begging him to come to them but you have padlocked your Jerusalem and expect him not to lust after others. His mind will drift from you towards them.
5) LEAVING YOUR HUSBAND FOR YOUR FEMALE FRIEND TO CATER FOR: “My dear friend, please be my eye as I travel for this one week, help cater for my husband and my little kids”. By the time you are back, your dear friend has so really helped you by sleeping with your husband and expecting a new baby as continuation from where you stopped.
If at all she has not eloped with your man, leaving your children all alone.
It is very stupid to commit your husband into the hands of your beautiful and very active friend.
6) LEAVING YOUR HUSBAND IN THE HANDS OF YOUR HOUSE MAID: Your maid is the one that cooks, cleans the house, cares for the children and your husband. You suddenly become a lazy bone since the arrival of the maid. All you do is shout and place orders. Not bad! But if your husband feels more love and care from the maid, sister that maid won’t struggle to snatch your husband. You are the one graciously giving him to her and those that need him.
7) EMPLOYING A FULLY GROWN, RED BLOODED LADY AS A MAID: She is fully grown up and well endowed back and front very tantalizing. She dresses skimpily and sexily like an actress, cat walks like a model and that is your own house maid?
What a mistake!
8) EMPLOYING A HOUSE GIRL THAT IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU: Employing a house girl more beautiful than you is a major technical mistake most women make. This means you are using your money to employ a rival for yourself. Don’t be foolish when getting a maid. They act dumb like maids to you for the time being but when your husband starts sleeping with them, you will be shocked they are more agile than you when they start fighting you.
9) USING ANALOG BRAIN TO LIVE WITH A DIGITAL HUSBAND: Your husband is growing with ideas and all; you contribute nothing than sitting down at home to eat. He is dressing like a guy with jeans and face cap; you are celebrating the fact that you are a married woman to a Yuppy cute man. Your husband is on *Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype etc;* the only thing you know about mobile phone is receiving and making calls. Your husband is talking about stock market; you only talk about tomato market. He’s talking about Forex; you are talking about fruit and vegetables only. He will see you so backwards, local and dumb. Upgrade please!
10) FAILING TO COMMIT YOUR FAMILY INTO THE HANDS OF GOD: A wife won’t do well if she fails to commit her family into the hands of God regularly. Don’t make such mistakes of thinking you are in charge of your husband and marriage and you can handle things. Be prayerful, hand over your family to God daily. May you never labour in vain and another reaps where you have sown!
11) FIGHTING YOUR MOTHER IN-LAW CARELESSLY: You may fight your Mother in-law dirty and think you have won especially if she’s innocent, you will end up losing. Her son and herself have been friends and lovers for years before you came; may be before you were born. She was the first ‘wife’ of your husband and also the first ‘girlfriend’. Her son cannot divorce her and she is more experienced than you in matrimonial battles, in fact she is a veteran of many conflicts. Yes i know that a wife becomes a priority and number one and some men try to place their mums above their wives. That is stupid and sickening! Apply wisdom and talk to God and your husband about it. But don’t come in with the intention to separate mother and son. Respect a worthy mother in-law. Not all of them are wicked. Not all are witches. You meet a wicked one, apply wisdom and avoid her ways.
12) TELLING YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE: When you tell your friends about your sex life and how your husband rocks you, you are indirectly telling them to go have a feel of him. They can size you up and know whether your husband is hot or not, whether he is sexually fulfilled or not. They may even know your Husband’s “turn on” and use it against him then grab your husband. Most women have carelessly lost their husbands as they boast to their friends “my husband is too sexually demanding, he is an expert when it comes to sex, he is a horse, he almost kills me in bed, he has a horse size” etc… Your friends will pick information like this and cover things up where you have been failing.
13) REPORTING YOUR HUSBAND TO HIS MUM: It looks beautiful to report your husband to his Mum, but the end result will hurt you. Most mothers will support their sons any day; children are always right before their Mothers. Seek counsel in the right quarters, never report your husband to his Mum unless his mum is so god fearing, honest and impartial.
14) LETTING CHILDREN TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR HUSBAND: Many wives abandon their husbands, denying them of love, care and attention as soon as babies begin to arrive they transfer all affection to their kids. To sleep in bed, they put the Baby in between themselves making the man feel lost and the bond divided. No warm hugs caress etc.
15) USING SEX WRONGLY: Sex is supposed to bind you both together, it is supposed to create intimacy and love but in many homes it is the bone of contention. Some women do turn sex to a tool of manipulation; some use it for trade by barter. Some wives will suddenly become commanders at home when their husbands touch them for sex, ordering the man around, “go and off the Fan” “go and lock the gate” “go and check whether our children are sleeping” “How about that money I asked you to give me?” Etc. This is just too bad. Some wives sleep like log of wood in bed while some even wear Jean, knickers to bed.
Nothing sexy
Nothing erotic
Nothing romantic
Nothing Inviting!
If you continue like this, you will hurt your marriage deeply and you may destroy your future also. He will start lusting and chasing sexy daughters of Jezebel out there who may fetish him out of home to themselves
A smart wife builds her home, the stupid ones are careless. I know you will be like…. Why can’t he have self control and stay faithful?
Forget it dear.
We are all humans and things push us to do things we never planned.
Be wise!!!

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