Impact Of A Positive Attitude On Customer Service

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It is no secret that customer service as a vocation is demanding. Frustrating and irritating situations are a part of the everyday occurrences which service facing staff have to contend with. This makes it even more imperative that they remain positive and calm while interacting with customers. A positive attitude in customer service is all about maintaining a composed and unruffled mien and disposition during interactions and making every effort to build healthy and lasting relationships with customers.
This ensures that customers view the organization as customer centric. Customers’ expectations are always high. They want to experience high standards of service and top class experiences every time and through every touch-point.
Creating such positive experiences for customers is possible only by maintaining a positive attitude in all interactions with the customers.
Here are some of the ways that positive attitude impact customer experience:
 By remaining positive, we would be able to mould customers’ behaviour and influence them a lot more easily.
 By maintaining a positive attitude, we set the tone for all interactions with our customers, which would ultimately ‘rub off’ on them too.
 By beginning each interaction with a positive attitude, the service staff would be in control of their mood, and in turn positively influence the customer’s attitude and response.
 Whenever we display positive attitudes, we appear more amenable, amicable, responsive, and attuned to the needs and expectations of customers. This in turn would reflect in our demeanor towards them as they would feel heard, respected, and cared for.
 When we are open-minded and positive, we would be able to ‘hear’ more than just the spoken words and requests of customers. We would be able to convey empathy and care by making a concerted effort to understand the thoughts and feelings of customers, which is essentially what customers expect within the context of our every engagement with them.
 Our attitude would reflect in the manner we communicate with ourselves and with customers. If it is positive, existing customers would remain and the company would be able to attract more customers, translating to higher sales and revenue.
A positive attitude affects the work environment. The energy of a positive attitude produces the spirit of cooperation and this helps the team reach their customer satisfaction goals faster, effectively and qualitatively.
How does attitude create an effective customer experience? Here are a few pointers to help us step up our positive personality;
Let’s use the Attitude acronym to remember how to do it right by our customers
A – Always greet customers!
T – Treat customers with respect!
T – Talk and engage customers in light conversations!
I – Interact with customers with a smile!
T – Turn up at work with a positive mind frame!
U – Understand customer needs!
D – Discover the positive impact you have on customers!
E – Excite customers about our products!
“Attitudes control lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force”.

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