It was very hard for people of Nigeria, petrol was at #87 per litter, our people in North were being killed, shoot and bomb on dialy basis, Internally Display Person number increase to over 300,000 now over 500,000 no physical or meaningful infrastructure; Lagos ibadan express way was a dead trap, Ogbomoso Oyo road can’t be left out, Ilorin Niger road, and others with billions approved without no construction, electricity privatized, nearly everywhere blackout,
We cry for help, a slogan “change” become a hope,
Change promised people of Nigeria,
In 29 minutes presentation by Vice President aspirant of APC at Edo town hall meeting during compagn; He analysed all sectors how they would develop the country and take us to promise land.
I was happy and boosted, Nigerians don arrived. To me, professor, just 29 minutes, he solved all Nigeria problems.
But few people benefits, majority are suffering, Price of foods skyrocket with over 💯 increase without increase in salary, #45 was promised but today, it is #145, APC said subsidy is a scam and fraud in 2015 but today, they have paid over 4trillion naira for it. No good road, electricity is not stable. Min for Power, Fasola said in 2014 ‘” only 6months is required to stabilize Nigeria electricity by a serious government”. Please, 3 years now, I don’t see the impact. Several institution shutdown for years, worst part of it in Southwest, except Lagos, no development at grassroots/local government as a their governor’s failed to conduct local government election for almost 8years.
Boko Haram is still killing, bombing and kidnapping our children, thereby discouraging education in some areas in the North.
Herdsmen killing is another civil war going now as people been killed daily in kogi, benue and some other parts with no proper and feasible action to stop it.
Our government have fail us.
People are not considerate, human being like us, our people been killed and they are saying we should be patient, government is trying, should we wait till they killed all Nigerians?
Obasanjo clear all debts but today, Nigeria domestic loan stand above 12trillion naira, for what project?

Our dear government, enough is enough:
STOP killing,
Revive our economy, redeem our image at international community,
Step down for youths,
It is our Time,
It impossible that only one person is best out of over 180 million people.
All we want is betterment of this country,
All we want is dividend of democracy,
All we want is eradication of poverty,
Good education
Conducive environment
Stable electricity
Good water
Good roads
Good infrastructure

My dear people, let wake up to our task, our efforts and support are required to succeed

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