This how Good wife behave



Phone Rings
(Wife Picks up)

Wife: Hello Atanda mi .

Husband: Yes Wuraola mi, get ready we going out today.

Wife: Hmm where exactly are we going? Besides am kind of busy today.

Husband: Stop whatever you are doing and prepare yourself for our special date.

Wife: Alright Ife mi.

Husband: Sharp, I will be there in 30 minutes time.

Wife: Ok, bye.

Husband: Cool(he dropped the call)
In 30 minutes time he arrived at home as per promise.

Husband: Anybody home??? (Knock! Knock!).

Wife: (peeps through the window) Ade Ori Okin mi (come in).

Husband: Baby what’s wrong with you? You haven’t prepared yourself yet?

Wife: Of course, not until you tell me where exactly you are planning on taking me.

Husband: What’s the date today?

Wife: 30th of January.

Husband: Great! Today is my pay day besides I got a salary increment, so I want to go and spoil you big time. Now hurry up go and take a quick bath.

Wife: No my love, am going nowhere with you.

Husband: What does that suppose to mean?

Wife: My love, Ade Ori Okin mi ti ki se ti eye keye, Atanda mi.. I know you love me, but that
shouldn’t be reason for you to be spending extravagantly on me.

Husband: what is wrong with that? You are my woman,my first love,mother my children and I have all the right to spoil you rotten.

Wife: My love, last time I checked your young brother was chased from school because of unpaid balance. You know you are the only one your family depends on. That house your mother lives in, is in a dilapidated state and it needs to be

Husband: (listening attentively)

Wife: Instead of spoiling me, use your salary to support those that entirely depend on you for their well being. To me those people comes first, moreover I don’t love you because of your money, I love you for who you are.

Husband: But bae……….

Wife: (cuts in) But bae nothing, now hurry up and go and pay the school fees for your brother and help other in serious need as much as your salary can support. If they will be any amount remaining, you can come and share it
with me. I see a husband in you not a bank account.

Husband: (tears drop) What more can I ask from God? He has blessed me with a wonderful woman.I Love you so so much my wife, you are one in a million. I see a  true and genuine wife in you not a slut or the so called Slay Queens of our generation.

Wife: I love you too my husband. Ife mi.. Ade Ori Okin mi.. Olowo Ori mi…

Husband: Come here(he spread his arms for the hug)They shared a warmth hug…and the Husband sat with the wife to plan how they could spend the money wisely in an effort to help those in genuine need of their help.

Now That’s Real Love

The Question is:

DO SUCH WIVES STILL EXIST IN THIS WORLD?.. I leave the men to confirm while we ladies have a rethink…

If you are a woman reading this message,how do you evaluate yourself? What are you doing about becoming a better wife that your husband will constantly desire to consult from even in serious decision making.

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