Should Buahri Re-run for 2019


As a true and patriotic Nigerian, intrinsically I expect different opinions as this bordering on National issues.
But let me tell everybody, we all voted Buhari passionately for track of his record ” transparency, integrity, honesty and accountability” during his service to our father Land Nigeria.
I am not a fans of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo but I am absolutely in-line with his postulation and accept his letter as a verdict on the way forward for our dear country.
Aside OBJ 8year in office, he has always been honest and patriotic in addressing any government wrongly steering the country. Remember, Buhari himself discribe OBJ as a stateman with honesty in moving the country forward during campaign 2015.
OBJ letter if well read praised Buhari and consider his performance in fighting Boko As excellent one, advise not to run in 2019 is only in favour of Buhari himself. Who can dispute his sickness is not involve some fellow that I don’t want him to continue but Thank God he survived it. He said himself that he has been locked up in Abuja, tell me how he can know the state of the nation.
Let quickly remind everyone of the fact that if Buahri won another election, all left is for him to pack 2023 but will Nigeria government stop?
I dispute all facts agitating for Buhari re-election base on fact that no one know Fashola and Ambode before Tinubu nominated these fellows with Progressive ambitions.
Uncountable Nigerians are there but not given opportunity to be there.
I want everyone to understand that Nigeria problem is complex, and all what require to solve and move the country forward must be look into.
At this moment, after several years of Independence, we are no where to be found.
Everybody will aggreed with me that the Health of former and late president Yar’adua is a disaster to this Nation.
He lay-down foundation for rule of laws in our democracy system. Many election tribunal against his party enjoyed free and fair verdict without influenced the process to favour his party like OBJ.
Numbers of Nigerians supporting Buhari is at 40% which includes:
1. Those benefiting from this administration, directly or indirectly
2. Lucky /fortunate ones with Good job
3. Richest.
My analysis before world report indicate that Dangote wealth grow over 100% during recession. It means that the system enrich the richer one but make life harder for poorer ones.
Look, the performance of government is measure by paper but the real Truth is the impact and state of common man in the street suppose be the yardstick.
At the moment, my fellow youths should get prepared for a Big Task ahead of us. Stop supporting anybody, you too can do it and I too can do it and better than expected if we really ready and love this country.
God bless Nigeria.
#Sodiq Ayobami

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