Nothing is best describe the puzzling and retrogressing political arguments that most people are into nowadays than synthetic madness and rational irrationality.

The bugaboo of political irrationality is the greatest sociaI problem humanity faces. It is greater than crime, Cultism, drug addiction, or even world poverty, because it is a problem that prevents us from solving other problems .

It’s never a crime to see things differently but it’s a great crime to think any opinion or view that go against yours must be condemn without checking its authenticity and objectivity.

We don’t just criticise or support the government without fact. Subjective criticism and prejudice support for government and politicians are both dangerous to the development of our dear state and country, they are birds of a feather that flogs in a wrong direction.

Some people have reduced themselves to e-rats that can’t speak on their own, can’t think and present their opinions on issues, no meaningful contribution on sensible and developmental posts that go against their principals than to be raining curses and abusive words on others. I pity your conditions.

Some people are blind critics, their condition is also worse.They don’t just see negative about the government or politicians they detest, they also see those that are not blind like them as enemies. They are your friends today  if you say something aligned to their preconceived believe and your enemies tomorrow if you say something contrary.

Social media, especially Facebook and twitter are not just there to catch fun, but also to solve social problems. It’s not all about how many people comment, not how many likes to my post but all about the messages we pass to the public.

It’s a great disappointment to see stupidity where wisdom is expected and callowness where maturity is needed. Most of the so called educated ones supporting the government and renowned politicians are big disappointment. All the cacophony noise of “He is my leader, he is my choice, he is my blood” without convincing points are useless. Let us see why we must follow him, let see his beauty by pointing out he antecedents that makes him who you are portraying him to be, instead of  displaying your Imaturity in public.

All the calumny comments and Posts must also stop. “He is a thief, criminal, usurper, oppressor” without giving us fact are also irrational, we need to be rational in our approach to issue. We need not to see things the way our emotions colored them but the way they are.

For those who are getting into Facebook fights, Twitter wars, Instagram arguments, and Snapchat squabbles. What begins as an ideological dispute ends in bitterness. People are provoking others, demanding those who do or don’t support their candidate leave their networks, cutting ties with friends and family, and all because of political differences.I want to tell you today that it doesn’t worth it, let all embrace peace and bow to superior arguments all for the betterment of our state but not our pockets.

May God help us the truth to know and guide our leaders right.

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