29th October is World Stroke Day!!


Remember :
Time is Neuron
Time is Brain!

When stroke Strikes, act
If you see someone with
Sudden onset of
Facial Weakness
Arm Weakness
Speech disturbance
Sensory disturbance
Tongue weakness
It’s Time to Act FAST!!

Stroke are of two types
1. Blockage of blood vessels to the Brain
2. Spontaneous Bleeding into the brain

If a patient has ischemic Stroke  and he arrived hospital received within 4.5hours (270 minutes), the patient stands a great chance of receiving ‘Lazarus Effect ‘(complete recovery of the dead limb).
The earlier the better for Brain Recovery ! 

Stroke spares no age, gender,  social class or Creed!

Stroke is a formidable Enemy with the Dragon number ‘666’.

1 in every 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime!
Every 6 seconds stroke kills someone!

6 million people die of stroke annually!

15 million people suffer Stroke Every Year, out of this 6 million do not survive!

Every other second Stroke Attacks someone some where!

As it characteristically strikes suddenly, so are many lives suddenly changed, becoming forever maimed and dependent on relatives and care givers.

Join the campaign against stroke and support stroke Research Today.

To Prevent Stroke

Here are a few things to know
1. Identify your risks : high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, irregular beating of the heart (atrial fibrillation) or other heart diseases etc. Put your risks under control.

2. Be physically active and exercise regularly

3. Avoid obesity by eating healthy diet :eg more of fruits, vegetables, etc

4. Avoid /limit alcohol consumption

5. Quit smoking

6. Learn to recognize the warning signs of stroke
Such as
Sudden weakness of one side of the body
Sudden numbness of one side of the body
Sudden trouble speaking
Sudden trouble understanding language
Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
Sudden onset of double vision
Sudden trouble walking and loss of balance
Sudden vertigo /dizziness
Sudden severe Headache with no cause

A Visit to a Neurologist may be of great help!

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