Why God deserve APPRECIATION all the Time



God is indeed Faithful and Good to us:
In a certain health facility in Nigeria, oxygen is administered at the rate of 4,500 Naira per hour for adults and 3,000 Naira per hour for children.
Now, if an adult were to be placed on oxygen for a full day, the bill would be 108,000 Naira for a day, just oxygen. If we extend it to a month (30 days), the amount becomes 3.24 million Naira.
The next time you’re tempted to declare that God has been unkind and uncaring to you, just remember this: He gives you about 3 million Naira in monthly benefits, just based on the air you breathe. Can someone remind me what the national minimum wage is at the moment?
If God were to privatize the supply of oxygen to every human being on Earth, at what rate do you think the companies in charge would sell? (The Electricity Distribution Companies are already telling us they can no longer guarantee stable electricity supply unless we agree to a 45% increase in tariff). If He were to deregulate the sale of oxygen to humans, do you honestly think it would be available, even in the black market?
Don’t you think the billionaires of this world will buy up everything for their generations yet unborn?
Bottom line: God is good. That you have some yet to be fulfilled needs doesn’t make Him less caring or less interested in your affairs. Learn to give Him thanks for those routine “little” things He’s done for you. When you actually sit to analyze them, you’ll discover they really mean so much.
Almighty God, I thank you ooo what about you?

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