TEACHERS or LECTURERS see how you destroy Tomorrow, a must read for all


Teacher Stephen Boah was very sad when he heard about the death of his dear mother in the village. He least expected it because his mum only complained of a slight headache and needed just a first aid medical attention. Teacher Boah rushed to the village to ascertain facts and cause of his mum’s death. At the village clinic, the medical doctor invited him  inside his office to explain the circumstances that led to his mum’s death. The doctor looked on his table a couple of times before opening his mouth to say; “Teacher Boah, this is the prescription meant for your mother” as he lifted the paper into the air as though he was showing it to God. He continued, “Instead of this drug on this paper before me, she administered this one” showing the empty container to Teacher Boah, “It was thirty minutes later before it was noticed by one of our senior nurses who was also going to get a drug from the pharmacy.” The doctor added. “Teacher Boah, we are very very sorry for this mishap. Forgive us.” The doctor landed. Teacher Boah asked; “May l please see the two nurses? I mean the one who gave out the drug and the one who administered it.” The doctor slapped the office bell on his table and a young nurse rushed in. “Please call me Cynthia Normenyo and Rhoda Agbesi” the doctor instructed. Teacher Boah’s heart leaped upon hearing the two familiar names. Teacher Boah was dumbfounded when he finally saw the figures standing before him. They were those two girls he aided to pass their exams. He smuggled their answer booklets out of the exams room for some scouts to copy the answers for them. Each scored A1 in Core Maths and Science, B2 in Elective Maths. In fact their grades could be envied by even a professor. The doctor watched Mr. Boah expecting a certain line of action, but Mr. Boah turned slowly towards the doctor and whispered silently in pain, “l murdered my own mother five years ago.”

Are you a teacher? Do you give your students the chance to study and be tested independently? Do you ‘write’ exams your students are supposed to be writing?

Please don’t start killing a friend or family from today. May God be with us all

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