Dr. Salako Advise President Buhari to save Nigeria Future


Dr. Salako Olarinre wrote:
If the United States is still owing China, then I do NOT think it is wise for Buhari to plunge Nigeria into indebtedness with China.

Chinese are cunningly smart people! I work with them daily. Buhari’s government may not know what is behind the loan. By the time the Chinese takes over the Nigerian economy with the influx of their people, working in every sector of the Nigerian economy at the detriment of the Nigerian people, then the Nigerian people will know that President Muhammadu Buhari is not helping us with this unnecessary loan. President Buhari should look around, at least Cameroon is nearby!

Tell President Buhari there is no cheap loan anywhere, you can only become subservient to your creditor.

There are better ways to recover a large sum of the looted money to fund your government. By the way, it is the duty of your presidency to reform the judiciary system of the country. If you need to do that now, do it.

You can not have over 200 billion dollar in the hands of looters (home and abroad) and then be running around to beg for 2 billion dollar loan from China. To me, it is simply silly!

Jailing the looters should not be the topmost priority, but getting the stolen money from them should be the 1st priority, in order to help the nation out of the woods. In order to rebuild Nigerian infrastructures and build strong economy.

There are ways of doing that, Mr President!

If your primary aim of fighting corruption is to jail the looters, then you missed it. After all, some of the people who sponsored your election also took undue advantage of the country.

Your first objective of fighting corruption should be to recover the stolen money (as much as possible) and set a new order! Then, if you are able to send some people to jail through the process of court, so be it.

By the way, where is Baba Obasanjo, Mr Navigator, to tell his old solider colleague NOT to plunge our country into indebtedness, for the future generation. I am almost sure OBJ won’t take such loan in this circumstance! He will rather pursue the thieves and get them to refund the stolen money!

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