I Keep Watching, Way forward for Nigeria part 1


I can no longer keep silent, I took part in campaigning for changes but things are not going on well as expected. Professor Yemi Osibajo then the vice presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress Candidate now vice president at town hall meeting presided over by Dr. Fayemi now Minister of Federal Republic of Nigeria and Fashola (former governor of Lagos State now minister of FRN), in Edo State where he solved in his speech all problems facing Nigerians within 29minutes. This is so amazing! Nigerians don’t expect this government to use century’s before bringing changes. An ordinary Nigerian find it difficult to avoid the outrageous price of food, transport, and etc due to nonavailability and high price of PMS, (ask from people in Ilorin to tell you what they are facing and other places). For God sake, Buhari, Tinubu and associated do not promise that only corruption will be fight leaving behind, basic amenities for citizens, Power, Road, PMS and others, we are yet to know destination of this as they are not improving. People keep die everyday on our bad roads e.g Ogbomoso-Oyo Road, Osogbo Oyo too Bad for pedestrians to talk of motorists and others.
Tinubu fight rigorously to claim this from PDP but what has been the result?
Tinubu campaign against subsidy removal, now advising to remove it, forgetting that this is only way common man, ordinary Nigerians are benefiting from government.
To be continue… Because “I KEEP WATCHING” by Adewale Ayobami

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