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Must Read: Hilarious Joke Of The Day
A Naija teacher was sent to china to teach.
The first day he entered class, he began by roll-callin.
He said “sheng.” A student said ”present.”
He called the second name, chu muon. Another student said ”present.”
Suddenly, he sneezed,”hatchia” one student seated at the corner stood up and said,”present.”
He then exclaimed and said,”hmmmm…”all the students shouted ”absent.”
He got confused and said,”chai…” three students stood up and said, ”which of us?”
The teacher became more confused and he asked, ”what is wrong?” A student stood up and said, ”sir, i’m not wrong, i’m called wong.”
The teacher now laughed and said,”hahaha ”..A girl said.” Present sir.”
The teacher fainted……dont laugh alone

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