Make una hear this tory wey I wan yarn ooo
BUHARI is wicked. Buhari must go,in fact, I regret
voting for you.
In less than three months,your cup don full and I
will lead a campaign against you.Now, who told
you we are tired of blackout?
without revival NEPA don born again! My fridge
dey work, TV dey work, as dem dey work all the
time dem fit spoil!
My generators don retire, dey gather dusts, I no
even know where my jerry cans dey sef. Filling
station attendants no see person give dem N20,
N50 bribe again, Buhari see yoursef? Who send
you message?
Warri and Port Harcourt Refineries don dey
work,Kaduna Refinery too go soon join. So wetin
go happen to d oil cabal and wetin go sele to the
subsidy regime?If u get liver, try d cabals if true
true Na ya mama born you. Abi you no know say
d oil cabals be saints?
Cockroach too dey enjoy Awilo music o, na fowl
no allow am commot kon dance!
Our Otuoke brother say Stealing no be corruption.
Daura man say stealing na corruption.Buhari abi
you chop winch? PhD for Zoology dey talk, U wey
dem talk say U no go skul dey blow grammar.
Show me where e dey for Koran say stealing is
corruption, you see say this Baba Buhari no
serious at all
Also you no allow your wife chop Nigeria monkey head be wey gorilla own no
be? Every first lady chop Nigeria money, Maryam
Babangida chop, Maryam Abacha chop!
Stella Obasanjo wak, Turai abi Na turaya sef lick!
And …and Dia is Godu o even chop, shit for bodi!
Make your wife chop her own, you say no.
Buhari U wicked no be small,U must go
becos na only you waka come!
Buhari nearly destroy our churches
Ur election kon show us say
Some Alfas and pastors are liars
Some be original chop and quench!
Some be original chop and clean mouth!
Dem say God told dem say Buhari go lose
How dia own god sabi blow lie I no sabi!
Buhari! Buhari!! Buhari!!!
How many times i call you?
You no get ministers, Nija still dey work
EFCC don wake up from dia slumber, thieves/
Looters dey enta admission for hospital.we don
taya for you. Kon dey go.

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