Revealed Technology Trend in Nigeria That Will Shock You

Many times several people believe that trend in Technology in that will have a great effect on Nigerians and the business system will not come in the nearest future, but from what we have seen in several Information and Communication Trend (ICT) in the past 10 years have a lot to say of the future. Robert Kiyosaki made a profound statement in one of books that, a person’s ability to predict the future and invest in that which is about to happen will determine how fast he will be rich. How true is this in relation to our ability to understand the ICT trend in Nigeria and also position ourselves properly.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
ICT is a broad field that we can not cover in this writing; ICT covers from all that has to do with communication and information. The two most shocking invention in this field is the GSM and the Internet.
Global System Of Mobile Communication (GSM) Years after, how are Nigerians affected?

Before GSM came to Nigeria it has been used in western world for more than 10years. When this technology came to Nigeria it was as if the poor will not be able to use it, but few years after the situation has proved that speculation to be false. The Competition among the ISPs has brought down the amount in the prices of the SIM Card, the tariff and airtime. More than 70% of Nigerians now have a cell phone. What can we learn from this?

Good but Tragic threat

The GSM has changed the way we communicate, people no longer employ the use of letters and telegraph for communicating. Though this is a good development but it also ushered in a tragic threat to companies like NIPOST and several others who are part of this sector. Is the development bad NO! This is an eye opener that development will come as long as we are on this planet earth. In every development there are always those who are swept away and those who are ushered in. The BIG Question is, is it in the hand of anyone to be swept or to remain? YES! How? Get constantly informed and always prepare for the move that is yet to come. The moment you are static in the development of yourself, you are preparing yourself to be dropped. Many have lost their Jobs and many have been made rich from this wave, and many are barely benefiting from the wave. Mark those who are benefited from this trend, they are the ones who invested in developing themselves.

The Incredible Secret

The truth is anyone who always prepare himself for a coming move and act when it comes is always on top. The sad thing is people always resist change, but change is something that must come. They always depend on the skills, talent or degree of yester years, which may not be sufficient for the present time or future. We use to have typist but now we have computer Operators, before we use to have telegraph but now SMS we can just go on. But the next wave have started can you see it? Very soon we will no Longer have Stall or Kiosk Builders But web designers and web developers, did I hear someone say how? Read on. Remember that wealth is a mindset that is developed with constant years of right financial education, specialized knowledge acquisition and application of knowledge without season.

What is the State of ICT in Nigeria?

According to leading report and analysis Nigeria government have a little place for IT empowerment. Years back government institutions were ahead of the private IT institutions, but presently government institutions are about 5-10 years behind private institutions. But there is a problem, the problem is we have few qualified IT Institutions and qualified IT professionals in the systems, what we have in majority are IT squatters, the reason for this is not because the individuals are not ready to develop themselves but that the acquiring of IT skills and certifications from qualified quarters are expensive. The advancement in IT industries is faster than the number of IT professionals that is been produced in the system, so the demand for IT professional is on the increase. Generally the IT Sector is untapped sector waiting for explosion in Nigeria.

Using India as a Case Study.
I know this will shock many Nigerians especially those who have not been to India or read much about IT in India. In India the Private IT institutions are 15 years ahead of government institutions. This is a clear indication that most IT professionals were not produced through the government institutions but through private institutions. This is not to say the IT professionals in India did not attend government institutions, but what am trying to say is that the private institutions contributed a lot to the production of IT professionals there. As at far back 2005 according to leading reports, Indian software industry is set to achieve a turnover of 10 billion dollars. The projected demand for trained I.T. professionals is estimated at over 400,000 per year. With this picture in mind you can see how India got to the point where they are today. Today almost every sector in the world is torched directly or indirectly by the influence of India IT product. India IT professionals write several software used in many industries. Can this happen in Nigeria? Yes it can! If only we look to the future and take advantage of the coming wave. Set ourselves to know that developing ourselves is a MUST, and we don’t need to wait for the government to do it for us.
What are the Emerging Technologies in Nigeria?
E-commerce: Electronic commerce relates to all commercial transactions that take place through the Internet. The Internet revolution is sweeping the world and is changing the way we work, live, shop, communicates and entertains ourselves. Companies and industries are not left behind; the way they dealt with customers has also changed. Now customers can compare and shop without moving out of their homes with the help of the Internet. People can actually showcase their product to the world from their homes, there are no longer needs for many big stores. All that is needed is an office with a computer that has an internet connection, which your customers uses to order for product and is sent to them from the warehouse. Now individual can start business from their homes. It is estimated that the more than 2 trillion US dollars transaction passes through the Internet daily.
Nigeria will not be left behind in this move, from the rate at which Nigerians patronizes GSM ISPs is an indication that we are embracing such comfort and change with all arms wide open. In my opinion this is bound to happen in not more than 2 years from now. In Nigeria the rate at which GSM ISPs are spreading before long, Internet access will be in every home. In cities like Lagos, Benin, Port Harcourt, Abuja just to mention a few, in less than 20,000.00 naira (less than 200 USD) you can connect a Computer to the Internet. What will happen to individuals, business and different organizations? Its not going to be different from what we already have in western world, everybody will be buying, selling, and many other things will be done from home. Then there is going to be a high demand on the IT sector, many who keep thinking that the wave is yet to come will be surprise, while many will be left out you don’t need to be left out because you are informed. We cannot stop it whether we believe or not is a changed that has started. Individuals need to be prepared, companies need to be prepared. With the Internet, the Competition is no longer the store near you but the all stores in the world, the earlier you enter the wave the sooner you master the art and benefit better from it. If you call to remembrance the GSM wave you will know this wave is real and it is NOW. The questions that needed to be answered are, who will benefit from this? How can you get prepared for this? How soon is this? It has started.

Who will benefit from this Technology?

The demand for Web designers and Developers will be very high at the root and a sound knowledge of software used in the FRONT END such as Java, DHTML, Visual basic etc., the BACKEND which is generally databases such as Oracle and SQL server as well as networking and web server maintenance. For those with a basic degree in computer science/engineering a sound knowledge of software used in the FRONT END such as Java, DHTML, Visual basic etc., the BACKEND which is generally databases such as Oracle and SQL server as well as networking and web server maintenance will be added advantage. But one thing is sure there is going to be a higher demand for web designers than ever before. Then an understanding of business transactions is also essential.
Those who are interested in doing business from home should learn the basics of Internet marketing, this is essential. A report has this to say
“Supply Chain Management In any industry there are lot of vendors providing various material inputs used in final production. On the distribution side there are channels comprising of wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Supply chain management software cuts down the time taken for the supplies to arrive from the vendor and reduces the inventory levels thus cutting cost. On the marketing side, it ensures that products reach the end customers in time to fulfill their demand. Customer Relationship Management Companies offering products and services have to deal with a number of customers. Customer relationship management software provides a record of all previous dealings with customers so that the company personnel can take the right decision while dealing with them.”
In Think And Grow Rich Napoleon Hill revealed one profound truth many in Nigeria have always ignored. Specialized knowledge or skill. Anyone with specialized knowledge along the emerging technology will benefit this wave, then those who know how to draw the skills of this group together to their advantage will also benefit from the wave.
What is the payment or income in each field Per Annum at entry level?
Web designers 800,000 – 1,200,000. Web application developers 1,200,000-1,440,000. Software Job Programmers 800,000 – 1,200,000. Networking 600,000-800,000. Non-Linear Editors 1,200,000-1,440,000. Maintenance 480,000-600,000
Create an Ultimate Profit by preparing now.
If you have a flair for IT you can benefit by first of all attend a computer school, to acquire the basics in computer proficiency. After then you can focus on been a Web Designer, then on to acquire more skills on web applications, get basic education on ecommerce or internet marketing. Get position for this wave.


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